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  1. Santa Anita track owners and trainers under investigation after 29 horse deaths
  2. Congressional leaders to go to White House for Iran briefing in Situation Room
  3. Overstock is getting ready to sell its retail business and dive into blockchain
  4. A woman who carried her twin sister's babies gave birth to her two healthy twins
  5. Who's No. 2 in 2020?
  6. List: The House Democrats calling for an impeachment inquiry into Trump
  7. Trump downplays swing voter outreach: 'I'm not sure I have to do that'
  8. Insurance executive pleads guilty in college admissions scandal
  9. Man made honorary deputy fire chief after visiting the firehouse almost every day for
  10. A Connecticut man is charged with manslaughter for allegedly assisting in wife's suic
  11. Prosecution's witnesses drops bombshell in testimony against SEAL
  12. South Bend bar shooting kills 1 and wounds 10
  13. Infant formula sold only at Walmart is recalled because of fears of metal
  14. Line of storms leaves 1,000-mile path of destruction
  15. Fans see Elvis double in Lisa Marie Presley's family photo
  16. Florida police arrest woman suspected of killing her stepfather and daughter
  17. Med school grad who was missing says he can't recall what happened in Mexico
  18. Dead man's wounds look like alligator bites, authorities say
  19. Sam Cooke was turned away from a Louisiana hotel in 1963. Now a local mayor is apolog
  20. 'Every one of the decisions is her decision:' Inside Elizabeth Warren's policy factor
  21. Biden takes swings at Trump's immigration strategy in Florida op-ed ahead of first De
  22. Jared Kushner, US peace team face credibility test in Bahrain
  23. Former Pennsylvania Democratic Rep. Joe Sestak declares run for president in surprise
  24. Super rich call for tax on the wealthy
  25. SpaceX will launch Bill Nye's science experiment into orbit
  26. Elizabeth Warren announces visit to migrant facility hours ahead of first debate
  27. Readers' guide to the first Democratic debate
  28. How 2020 Democrats are preparing for the first debate
  29. Agriculture Secretary Perdue on climate crisis: 'It rained yesterday, it's a nice pre
  30. Bill Gates reveals the biggest mistake of his career
  31. Amazon Prime Day will be two days this year
  32. Closing arguments set to begin in Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher's trial. Here's a breakdo
  33. Man breaks in to rob a Florida Wendy's but stops to make himself dinner first
  34. An invasive snail species was discovered in luggage at the Atlanta airport thanks to
  35. Elizabeth Warren: 'My faith animates all that I do'
  36. Beto O'Rourke to visit Mexico and hold rally at Texas detention center
  37. Kamala Harris raises $2 million in 24 hours after breakout debate
  38. Trump's 4th of July 'Salute to America' event to include ticketed section for VIPs
  39. AI can learn how a pizza is assembled. Here's why that matters
  40. Pepsi's latest product: Water in a can
  41. Impossible made fake meat a hot commodity. Now it could be a victim of its own succes
  42. Gun-wielding paramedics and other state laws that just went into effect
  43. San Francisco mayor signs ban on e-cigarette sales
  44. MLB umpire honors teen ump whose call led to a youth baseball game brawl
  45. Man threw birthday party for pothole to get the city's attention. It worked.
  46. McConnell slams Nike's decision to cancel Betsy Ross flag sneakers amid backlash
  47. Analysis: Donald Trump is staging a 4th of July takeover
  48. American pride has hit an all-time low, a poll finds
  49. The world's biggest brewer is planning the year's biggest IPO
  50. Cartoonist behind viral Trump illustration speaks out
  51. Opinion: This is killing the American Dream
  52. Former NFL quarterback dies at 38
  53. This app did not send an early warning about the California quake. Officials said it
  54. Domestic violence accuser's arrest for taking her husband's guns isn't what it seems,
  55. Chicago families sue after a case of mistaken identity allowed a man to be taken off
  56. Analysis: This 4th of July, Americans are fighting over what 'American' should mean
  57. Everything you need to know about Trump's takeover of DC's 4th of July
  58. Homeland Security doctor says he's giving migrant children the care he'd want for his
  59. Trump critic Justin Amash quits Republican Party
  60. Samsung warns that its profit likely just fell 56%
  61. This bunk bed is $1,200 a month, privacy not included
  62. Anchorage was 90 degrees on July 4. That's not a typo
  63. A second earthquake hit Southern California in as many days. It's five times bigger t
  64. How to watch Team USA in the World Cup final
  65. Ford will sell a $1.2 million supercar that won't be street-legal
  66. A mother gave birth to other couples' babies because of an IVF mix-up, lawsuit claims
  67. Florida man found dead with 100 dog bites after taking a shortcut to get home
  68. US wants to dump rat poison on these islands
  69. The Kentucky River is brimming with dead fish after a fire at a bourbon warehouse
  70. Justin Amash on what his GOP colleagues say behind closed doors
  71. Amash: Pelosi is 'making a mistake' on not starting impeachment proceedings against T
  72. Poll: Biden only Democratic candidate with wide lead over Trump in hypothetical match
  73. Fact check: Joe Biden falsely claims he opposed spending more money to build state pr
  74. SpaceX shares vibrant footage from its first-ever nose cone recovery
  75. Bill Gates calls Steve Jobs a 'wizard' who saved Apple
  76. Uncle catches boys as home burns. But his niece was too scared to jump
  77. Tropical depression expected to form in Gulf
  78. D.C. area got nearly a month's worth of rain in 1 hour
  79. Dad builds a real 'Field of Dreams' for 5-year-old son
  80. Silent ovation as classmate with autism gets diploma
  81. Trump takes a fresh whack at Obamacare
  82. Analysis: Obamacare's fate will be at stake at 2020 ballot box as well as in court
  83. Here are the 24 Democrats who are running for president
  84. Who is Amy McGrath, the Kentucky Democrat challenging Senate Majority Leader Mitch Mc
  85. The Bible could be a victim in Trump's trade war
  86. Maui residents are allowed to go home, but wildfire persists
  87. One week later, a 4.9 quake hits Ridgecrest
  88. How to prepare for a natural disaster
  89. Journalist released after 15 months in ICE detention
  90. Jewish woman: Neo-Nazi's followers targeted me
  91. Mueller hearing may be delayed
  92. Trump seeking change of legal fortune after long losing streak
  93. Ocasio-Cortez calls Pelosi's 'singling out' of Democratic women of color 'disrespectf
  94. Teachers union sues Betsy DeVos over loan forgiveness program
  95. Year's biggest IPO canceled
  96. America's addiction to absurdly fast shipping has a hidden cost
  97. Bye-kea: Company is closing its one US factory
  98. NFL player accused of knocking out woman
  99. A group of Oklahoma teens found a human leg with a shoe still attached
  100. CNN Poll: Biden, Sanders and Warren top the 2020 Democratic field in New Hampshire
  101. Former GOP Rep. Mark Sanford eyeing challenge to Trump in 2020
  102. George Conway calls Trump a 'racist president' after his attacks on progressive congr
  103. Here are the 4 congresswomen known as 'The Squad' targeted by Trump's racist tweets
  104. Nestle introduces a new kind of chocolate
  105. SpaceX thinks it knows what went wrong aboard the Crew Dragon
  106. A carpenter saved his whole life and helped 33 strangers go to school for free
  107. Puerto Rico braces for more protests amid calls for governor's ouster
  108. Man who drove wife and autistic sons off pier charged with murder
  109. The NFL will not discipline or fine Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver
  110. Trump made 20 false claims at his North Carolina rally
  111. 24 Democrats are running for president. Voters and donors like only five of them.
  112. House Judiciary asks Hope Hicks to clarify testimony about Stormy Daniels
  113. Democrat lifts hold on Treasury nominees amid ongoing fight over Trump's tax returns
  114. Elon Musk hopes to put a computer chip in your brain. Who wants one?
  115. 'The Lion King' could seal Disney's reign over the box office
  116. Suspect charged with murder in death of student
  117. Videos of NYPD officers doused with water on the beat are sparking outrage
  118. Puerto Rico governor is expected to resign
  119. What it was like inside Apollo 11's Mission Control
  120. NFL offense has chance to be historic
  121. Robert Mueller hearings: 10 things to watch
  122. Senate confirms Trump's pick for defense secretary
  123. Trump made 61 false claims last week
  124. Kamala Harris teams up to decriminalize weed
  125. Kyrsten Sinema says John McCain's example is 'lighting the way' for her in first Sena
  126. Celebrations erupt after Puerto Rico governor steps down. But uncertainty lies ahead
  127. SEAL team ordered home from ISIS fight due to alleged misbehavior
  128. Mom brought her dead 5-year-old to the ER and lied about a car crash, police say
  129. Treasury pick Monica Crowley spread Obama smears: 'Can he be both loyal to Islam and
  130. Joe Biden previews more aggressive approach ahead of next Democratic debate
  131. Trump administration starts paying $14.5 billion to farmers hurt by the trade war
  132. Kirsten Gillibrand releases $10 trillion, 10-year plan to combat climate change
  133. TV viewership for Mueller hearings falls flat
  134. One side of this box has Cheez-Its. The other is filled with wine
  135. Man accused of killing internet personality pleads not guilty
  136. Authorities believe they've found the remains of missing 2-year-old
  137. 'Pink Lady Bandit' is on the loose robbing banks across the East Coast
  138. Drug companies to pay $70 million for delaying cheaper generics to California
  139. First on CNN: Bernie Sanders, Cardi B team up on video targeting young voters
  140. Poll: Biden rebounds ahead of second round of debates while Harris slips
  141. Maryland's GOP governor calls Trump's Baltimore attacks 'outrageous'
  142. Trump's attacks on the Fed are about to get worse
  143. GM stops production at 78-year-old plant
  144. Woman drowns in stand-up paddleboard yoga class accident
  145. An elementary school displayed posters of 'appropriate' and 'inappropriate' hairstyle
  146. A man was sentenced to 60 weekend days in jail for poisoning his wife's coffee
  147. A vault fire caused a power outage that shut down California's John Wayne Airport
  148. Marianne Williamson confronts past statements about antidepressants and depression
  149. Here's who has qualified for the September debates so far
  150. Here are the lawmakers who are not seeking reelection to Congress in 2020
  151. One moderate Democrat thinks she's found a way to survive in an impeachment-centered
  152. Regret your request for $125 from Equifax? You may be able to change your choice
  153. A game changer is coming for electric car owners
  154. For 23 years, he's seen massacres. This was his hardest week yet
  155. El Paso shooting is exactly what descendants of 1915 massacre victims warned about
  156. Border arrests drop 24% from June to July
  157. Random stabbing in Pittsburgh leaves one dead
  158. Sales of bulletproof backpacks surge
  159. FBI wants to monitor Facebook and Instagram for domestic threats in real time
  160. Andrew Yang qualifies for September debates with new Iowa poll
  161. Joe Biden stops short of calling Trump a white supremacist: 'You just want me to say
  162. Andrew McCabe blames Trump for firing, sues Justice Department and FBI
  163. Owner of SoulCycle and the Miami Dolphins faces outrage and calls for boycott over Tr
  164. Inside the first few minutes of terror in Philadelphia
  165. Coroner: Dayton shooter had cocaine in system
  166. EPA reconsidering decision to allow 'cyanide bombs' to kill pests like coyotes and fo
  167. Report: Epstein autopsy finds broken neck bones
  168. FDA's proposed graphic warnings for cigarettes
  169. Bad economic news raises political risks for Trump
  170. Florida Bar clears Matt Gaetz in investigation of Michael Cohen tweet
  171. Pete Buttigieg slams Trump administration over Cuccinelli comments
  172. The 28 most egregious lines from Donald Trump's Pennsylvania speech
  173. Virgin Galactic unveils luxury lounge at its airport for space tourism